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Wu Yue Semiconductor Gan Crystals, The World's First!

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On December 15, Wu Yue semiconductor GaN crystal was held in Wuxi High-tech Zone, Jiangsu Province.

Wuxi Wu Yue Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was established in 2019. It is the first project of Wuxi Teaching Integrated Circuit Equipment Industrial Park. The company focuses on the development, production and sales of gallium nitride self-support substrates.In the ceremony, Wu Yue semiconductor exhibited a gallium nitride crystal having a first thickness of 1 cm worldwide.


In February 2020, Wu Yue semiconductor, pilot group signed a cooperation agreement with the High-tech Zone Management Committee, implemented 2-6 inch gallium nitride self-support single crystal substrate industrialization projects in Wuxi High-tech Zone, and the project was completed, and Wuxi can be filled.City in the field of third-generation compound semiconductor gallium nitride raw materials.

In the ceremony, Wu Yue semiconductor also has an A-round financing strategic framework agreement with Junlian Capital and New Turban Group.